Deering Says She “Absolutely Support[s] Fully” Raising Prescription Drug Prices

“Drug prices are crushing working families and that Regan supports McCarthy’s plan shows how out of step she is with what real people are facing every day.”

Springfield, IL – In a recent interview, Regan Deering told Tim Jones and Chris Arps that she now “absolutely support[s] fully” Kevin McCarthy’s Commitment to America plan. A major provision of McCarthy’s recent policy agenda is repealing the recent provision that allows Medicare to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs, something that will save seniors in Central and Southern Illinois thousands of dollars. 

There are over 110,000 seniors living in the state of Illinois that could benefit from lowering prescription drug prices. Some experts say that prices will fall from 25-60% from this provision. 

Nikki Budzinski, Democratic congressional candidate for IL-13, released the following statement: “Regan is now saying that she “absolutely support[s] fully” a radical policy agenda that would roll back Medicare’s ability to negotiate the cost of prescription drug prices.”

“Skyrocketing drug prices are crushing working families, and yet Regan’s support of Kevin McCarthy’s plan shows just how out of step she is with what real people are facing every day. We should expand the number of drugs that Medicare can negotiate, rather than completely rolling back this provision. Regan Deering’s commitment to eliminate critical health care access is disqualifying, and she must be defeated in November.”


Nikki Budzinski is a labor activist, former Chief of Staff at the Office of Management and Budget in the Biden Administration and Senior Advisor to Governor JB Pritzker. Born in Peoria, Illinois, she’s the granddaughter of a union painter and public-school teachers.  Nikki has over ten years’ experience in the labor movement, working for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and International Association of Fire Fighters.