I am 100% pro-choice. I believe that a woman should be able to make her own reproductive health care decisions. Those decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor, without the interference of the federal government or anyone else. I know women personally who have faced those decisions, and I understand that they are some of the most difficult that any of us face in life.

I have been horrified by the attacks on women’s reproductive rights that we have seen across the country in recent years, in Texas and other states. Not since before Roe v. Wade has a woman’s right to choose been under such existential attacks, as opponents of choice look to pass more and more restrictive laws that strip us of our rights.

Protecting a Woman’s Right to Choose

  • Fight to protect Roe v. Wade from anti-choice attacks, so that women can access safe and legal reproductive health care, regardless of where they live
  • Protect Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health care organizations from efforts to defund services for women and families
  • Support the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which limits reproductive health care services for low-income women

In Congress, I will be a steadfast advocate for a woman’s right to choose, so that all women, in Illinois and around the country, are able to access the health care services they need.