Democracy and Elections

Our politics is broken. Washington has become increasingly polarized, leading to less bipartisanship and more gridlock and inaction. Too many of our political leaders no longer feel beholden to the citizens they are supposed to be representing in Congress, voting instead for special interests and putting party and power before people. Republicans in some states, rather than lose elections, are trying to weaken people‚Äôs right to vote and change the rules so they can stay in power even if they lose. 

We cannot fix Congress without fixing our elections. Attacks on voting rights and access to the ballot box have become widespread in recent years. Meanwhile, the flood of money unleashed by the Citizens United Supreme Court decision a decade ago has corrupted our elections and drowned out the voices of ordinary Americans.

Making It Easier to Vote

  • Restore and modernize the Voting Rights Act
  • Improve access to the polls by expanding early voting and mail-in/absentee voting
  • Enact automatic voter registration

Getting Big Money Out of Politics

  • Get dark money out of politics by requiring disclosures for all large-dollar donations
  • Crack down on super PACs by overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court decision

In Congress, I will be a voice for fair and free elections, fighting to expand voting rights, make it easier to vote, reduce the influence of big money in our elections, and create an electoral system that serves everyone, not just a few.