Middle-Class Tax Relief and Fighting Inflation

Fighting inflation is the most important issue we are facing. Working people in Central and Southern Illinois are hurting, and they need relief right now. We need a leader in Congress who will fight every day to make sure working families are not getting left behind.

There are some short-term solutions to inflation that Congress needs to act on today to provide immediate relief to working people. But ultimately, this is not a problem that occurred over night. Decades of Democrats and Republicans have contributed by allowing our jobs to be shipped overseas, exporting manufacturing from America to China, and allowing China to become the global economic leader that America used to be. In addition to short term measures, I support ideas that will increase American manufacturing so we can start to make things at home again.

  • Repeal the Trump tax cuts that benefit the super-rich over working people
  • Extend the child tax cut for working families
  • Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices to lower prescription drug costs
  • Cap the cost of life-saving drugs like insulin at $35
  • Invest in union apprenticeship programs to promote alternatives to a 4-year college degree and a path to a debt-free, high-paying trades career
  • Support the Competes Act to bring manufacturing back to America and decrease inflation by relieving stress on global supply lines