Tackling Gas and Energy Prices

Putting gas in your car, cooling your home in the summer, and heating it in the winter are a few of our most basic everyday needs. Yet, we have seen energy prices skyrocket while reliability goes down.

These are unacceptable outcomes. The hard-working, middle-class people of Central and Southern Illinois can’t afford massive price hikes in things so necessary for everyday life.

In Congress, I will fight to bring down the cost of gas by taking action to:

  • Take action to freeze the gas tax for immediate relief
  • Implement year-round E-15 blend to provide immediate relief at the pump and support Illinois farmers
  • As we are dealing with rising costs, boosting domestic oil and gas production and drilling on federal lands to provide short-term economic relief
  • Support energy policies that bridge us to a clean energy economy, including supporting natural gas and nuclear energy
  • Continue to release oil from U.S. strategic reserves
  • Enact a windfall profit tax on oil and gas companies to make sure oil companies aren’t profiting at our expense
  • Expand electric vehicles and building a national charging network that is supported with union labor