When Republicans in Congress—or the White House—talk about tax reform, they usually are talking about cutting taxes for the rich and corporations, not the rest of us. The vast majority of the Trump tax cuts went to those who needed it the least, while low- and middle-income households got left behind. We need real tax reform that rewards work, not wealth, and puts money in the middle and working’ classes pockets.

Passing Meaningful Tax Reform

  • Tax cuts—not tax hikes—for middle-class and working households.
  • Raise the tax rate for households earning more than $400,000 per year to help fund investments in education, health care, infrastructure, and the environment.
  • Close tax loopholes and end tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs at the expense of Illinois workers.

In Congress, I promise to push for tax reforms that actually help average Illinois families, not false reforms that make our system more unequal and unfair than it already is.