My grandfathers served our country in World War II as a member of the Navy and instilled in me a deep respect for all of those who have enlisted in the Armed Forces and put their lives on the line. But while we revere the service of so many young men and women in uniform, too often our government lets them down when they move on from active-duty service or retire. Our veterans deserve better. Quite simply, we cannot ask for such a huge sacrifice from so many of our best and brightest young people if we aren’t willing to fully support and invest in their lives after the military. That means providing world-class health care and rehabilitation services; it means creating continuing education and skills training opportunities; it means providing housing assistance for those in need.

Supporting Our Veterans

  • Ensure full funding for the VA in order to eliminate backlogs and get veterans the care they need in a timely manner
  • Increase funding for various veterans’ services, including housing assistance, child care, and education and employment, including the VET TEC program
  • Provide greater investments in veterans’ mental health and suicide prevention services to combat the problems of veteran suicide and PTSD

In Congress, I will be an advocate for our veterans, because I believe our veterans deserve nothing less than the full support of all of us who have depended on their service.