Regan Deering Doubles Down on Abortion Extremism While Claiming the Opposite

“It’s no surprise Susan B. Anthony List endorsed someone who shares their extreme view.” 

SPRINGFIELD, IL — Despite her ham-handed attempt to distance herself from a national abortion ban yesterday, Republican congressional candidate Regan Deering can’t run away from her extreme anti-abortion record or ties to groups working to take away reproductive rights from every American.

Josh Roesch, campaign manager for Nikki for Congress, made the following statement: “Regan Deering believes the government should be able to ban abortion, even in the case of rape and incest. It’s no surprise Susan B. Anthony List endorsed someone who shares their extreme view. What is surprising is that Deering thinks she can get away with hiding her position from voters.” 


  • Deering proudly accepted Susan B. Anthony List’s endorsement, displaying the group’s endorsement on her website.
    • Shortly after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, taking away the fundamental right to choose, the organization’s leader said she was working to eliminate abortion access at all levels of government.
    • The group has also advocated for an abortion ban bill with no exceptions for rape or incest and opposed to birth control.
  • Deering said she was “thrilled” to see the leaked Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision in May.
  • Deering has welcomed support from Republican leadership, who have signaled they will make a national abortion ban a priority next legislative session.
  • Just last month, Deering refused to answer whether she would vote for a national abortion ban and reiterated she would be an anti-abortion voice if elected to Congress.


Nikki Budzinski is a labor activist, former Chief of Staff at the Office of Management and Budget in the Biden Administration and Senior Advisor to Governor JB Pritzker. Born in Peoria, Illinois, she’s the granddaughter of a union painter and public-school teachers.  Nikki has over ten years’ experience in the labor movement, working for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and International Association of Fire Fighters.