Budzinski Releases First General Election TV Spot 

Springfield, IL – Today, the Nikki Budzinski for Congress campaign is launching its first broadcast and cable television ads of the general election. The ad, called “Buttinski”, is a conversation between Nikki and a union steelworker from Illinois about Nikki’s focus on rebuilding the middle class, Medicare negotiating prescription drug prices, and tackling inflation. 

The ad is centered on the core message of Budzinski’s campaign – an economic message focused on helping working families in Central and Southern Illinois. 

Budzinski is the first candidate to begin paid advertising in IL13 – the campaign executed a robust digital buy that began last week. “Buttinski” will run on broadcast in the St. Louis, and Springfield, Decatur, Champaign media markets.  The ad can be viewed here

The transcript of the ad is below: 

Chris: “I’m excited about Ms Butt-inski here and how she wants to rebuild the middle class.”

Nikki: “Thanks Chris — it’s Budzinski.”

Chris: “Nikki Butt-inski grew up middle class and knows we need to tackle inflation.

She’ll cut taxes for the middle class and let Medicare fully negotiate down the price of prescription drugs.

Nikki Butt-inski will…”

Nikki: “Budzinski.”

Chris: “Well, she may be a bit of a Butt-inski – but she’s on our side.”

Nikki: “I’m Nikki Budzinski and I approve this message.”


Nikki Budzinski is a labor activist, former Chief of Staff at the Office of Management and Budget in the Biden Administration and Senior Advisor to Governor JB Pritzker. Born in Peoria, Illinois, she’s the granddaughter of a union painter and public-school teachers.  Nikki has over ten years’ experience in the labor movement, working for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and International Association of Fire Fighters.