What Voters Need to Know

What Voters Need to Know About Nikki

The granddaughter of a public school teacher and union painter, Nikki grew up middle class and learned firsthand the importance of a good-paying job and the opportunity to retire with dignity. As a labor activist, Nikki proudly advocated on behalf of firefighters, retail workers and meatpackers to ensure they received a fair wage, benefits and safe working conditions. But good-paying jobs like those are slipping away, making it harder for families to get by. 

In Congress, Nikki is fighting to confront rising costs and support good-paying jobs in Central and Southern Illinois. 

  • She wants to cut middle-class taxes so working people can keep more of what they earn.
  • She is working to lower prescription drug costs, expand veterans benefits and protect reproductive health care for women.
  • She is fighting for job training programs and trade schools so everyone can get into the middle class, with or without a college degree.