Nikki Budzinski Amasses Pro-Choice Endorsements

“I believe that a woman should be able to make her own reproductive health care decisions with her doctor and without the interference of the federal government or anyone else. I know women personally who have faced these decisions, and I understand that they are some of the most difficult that any of us face in life. I fully support each woman’s choice.”

Springfield, IL – Nikki Budzinski stands as the undeniable champion of the pro-choice movement in Illinois’s 13th District. In contrast to her anti-choice opponent, Budzinski is building a coalition of support from pro-choice organizations that will fight every day to protect a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. 

Planned Parenthood Action Fund is supporting Nikki. Planned Parenthood is committed to making sure women have the right to access the information and care they need to live strong, healthy lives. It’s committed to supporting candidates for federal office, Congress, and the White House who are steadfast in their support for women’s health, health care access, and reproductive rights. 

EMILY’s List is supporting Nikki. EMILY’s List advocates for larger leadership roles for Democratic pro-choice women in our legislative bodies and executive seats so that our families can benefit from the open-minded, productive contributions that women have consistently made in office. 

NARAL is supporting Nikki. The 4 million members of NARAL Pro-Choice America fight for reproductive freedom for everybody. Each day, NARAL organizes and mobilizes to protect that freedom by fighting for access to abortion care, birth control, paid parental leave, and protections from pregnancy discrimination. 

Elect Democratic Women is supporting Nikki. Elect Democratic Women was formed in 2018 by Democratic members of Congress with the purpose of electing more Democratic women to Congress and higher office, based on the understanding that democracy is best served by a diverse Congress that reflects the people they represent. It is the only member-led political action committee dedicated to increasing the number of women in Congress.

Nikki Budzinski made the following statement: “I am honored by Planned Parenthood , EMILY’s List, NARAL, and Elect Democratic Women’s decisions to endorse me. However, there is no time to celebrate. The Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate the right to choose an abortion means we must codify Roe. We must work together to make our voices heard, influence public opinion, lobby legislators, vote, run for office, and support pro-choice candidates. The stakes are high. Let’s get to work.”


Nikki Budzinski is a labor activist, former Chief of Staff at the Office of Management and Budget in the Biden Administration and Senior Advisor to Governor JB Pritzker. Born in Peoria, Illinois, she’s the granddaughter of a union painter and public-school teachers.  Nikki has over ten years’ experience in the labor movement, working for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and International Association of Fire Fighters